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About ICCo

ICCo is a development organization working in India to achieve the twin core principles of ‘Securing Sustainable Livelihoods’ and ‘Justice and Dignity for All’. We have learnt that development requires the participation of various partners and hence we believe in a multi-stakeholder approach. ICCo has thus developed partnerships with more than 100 agencies, including Government, Civil Society Organizations, Alliances, International organizations and the Corporate, in more than three decades of its work in India. The support ranged from capacity development and market linkages to access to finance in the areas of Fair & Sustainable Economic Development; Food & Nutrition Security; Fair Climate; Children at Risk and Skill Building. Some of the key organizations that we have supported include PRADAN, SEWA Mandir, Gram Vikas, Chetna Organic, ASSEFA, Accion Fraterna, and Laya.

Through our work, we have been able to create an impact in the lives of more than a million families. We have achieved this by working with several value chains, incubating, supporting and investing in Small & Medium Enterprises, providing the poor with access to affordable clean energy technologies, entitlement to livelihood and education, empowerment and participation in the development process.

ICCo has been continuously evolving and its role now has changed from a purely provider of grant support to encompass those of a facilitator, co-implementer, strategic financer and technical expert.

We now provide specialized services in:

  • Program development and management
  • Agribusiness incubation
  • CSR program execution
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Trainings

Apart from the above, ICCo offers a portfolio of Impact Investment through ICCO Investments that provides equity and debt investments in agriculture and clean energy enterprises. ICCo also has an Agri Business Booster program where we work with the impactful enterprises in the agri business sector.

Key Partnerships

Some of the key partnerships that ICCo has developed over the years include Establishing and operating the Jharkhand State Livelihoods Promotion Society (JSLPS) – ICCo Value Chain Cell; Establishing and Operating the North East Livelihoods Promotion Society (NELPS) – ICCo Value Chain Cell; Promoting Food and Nutrition Security and Fair Climate with USAID; Incubating Farmer Producer Companies (FPC) in resource poor regions; South Odisha Development Initiative and Skill building partnership with TATA Strives.

ICCo has also invested in inclusive, innovative, and impactful platforms such as the Millennium Alliance and CLEAN Alliance where the objective is to identify and scale up innovative solutions to address some of India’s biggest developmental challenges.

We are also a committed member of the United Nation Global Compact (UNGC).