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App makes field surveys faster, more authentic

ICCo has been at the forefront of efforts to promote sustainable development through innovative ideas and solutions. It was in keeping with this objective that the organization collaborated with Akvo, a Netherlands based not-for-profit organization involved in creating internet-based solutions to promote development in field based project activities. Akvo’s new Android-based tool, Akvo FLOW, was designed to drastically reduce time taken for field surveys and improve their accuracy. Understanding the potential of this tool, ICCo entered into an agreement with Akvo to promote the tool to its partner agencies and provide training and support.

The Akvo FLOW tool functions by allowing the user to record data on his Android-based smartphone and upload it on to a cloud, thereby giving anyone who is authorized access to real time information despite being located anywhere around the world. This has several benefits, foremost among them being the ability of team members to monitor real-time progress and take on-the-spot decisions based on latest information.

The Akvo FLOW advantage

Around 15 agencies across the country currently use Akvo FLOW in partnership with ICCo. ICCo conducts training and provides support services for these users, many of whom have witnessed tangible benefits using the tool. The technology is compatible with multiple languages and is specially designed to work in remote locations with poor infrastructure, which makes it ideal for Indian conditions. It is also affordable, reliable and highly scalable. The tool greatly improves the accuracy of data and makes field surveys faster and simpler. Most importantly, it gives team members back in the office access to real time data, allowing them to make on-the-spot evaluations, assessments, and analyses.

The Odisha-based non-profit VIEWS is one of the several agencies who use Akvo FLOW in partnership with ICCo. As Sunil Kumar Ghadei of VIEWS testifies, “Akvo FLOW makes our survey work easier. It is saving time and human resources and helps generate a comprehensive report along with analysis that is quickly accessible from anywhere around the globe. It also gives us the profile of the respondents with GPRS location, so that the person can be located later to monitor the project.”

Akvo FLOW has made field surveys in the country faster and more accurate. ICCo’s collaboration with Akvo is helping popularize a revolutionary new tool which makes gathering field data easier and cheaper, and the information more reliable.