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Clean Energy

ICCo works with local communities and businesses to extend access to energy in rural India, impacting the life of the underprivileged has always been the focus of ICCo’s interventions. Under its Rural Access to Clean Energy (RACE) initiative, ICCo is growing sustainable clean energy markets that help the poor to improve their livelihood options and accelerate economic growth.

ICCo, through its subsidiaries Fair Climate Fund (FCF) & ICCo Investments provides financial assistance to projects which reduce carbon emissions and also offer a better future to the most vulnerable. ICCo focuses on investing in projects that promote clean cooking methods for households in developing countries, all this in line with the fair-trade principles.

In India, ICCo contributes significantly in the energy access sector by developing and implementing multiple layer projects. An excellent example of this is the ICCo supported project on Biogas digester with Indigo airlines, India’s largest domestic airline. The project positively impacted more than 18000 households and also helped in reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG).

Different communities/enterprises have different needs. ICCo offers a range of clean energy solutions that are tailored to community/enterprise needs, from micro to macro level in the clean energy sector. These include business, strategic, technical, financial and operational support to communities/enterprise to expand and build local markets.

RACE is vital for daily routine which includes cooking, lighting, cooling and heating. The programme benefits extend to all areas of society: health, agriculture, education, food & nutrition security, commercial activities and economic empowerment of women.

Objective Statement:

ICCo, by providing affordable access to clean energy solutions aims to reduce energy poverty so that economic growth in rural areas becomes a possibility. It plans to do so by providing energy efficient cooking solutions to 100,000 households in rural India by 2020. Other inextricable objectives include:

  • Promoting 20 clean energy enterprises by addressing challenges relating to developing appropriate technologies; building effective product distribution channels; proving and adapting business models and accessing finance.
  • Developing 10 partnerships with the private sector for implementing CSR projects that are aligned with RACEs strategy.

Track Record:

ICCo believes in a multistakeholder approach and has thus developed multiple layer partnerships with different stakeholders such as:

  • Government
    • CLEAN Alliance – Clean Energy Access Network
    • Millennium Alliance
  • Private Sector/Public Sector Undertaking
    • Investment in Mera Gaon Power Solar Micro Grid Company in Uttar Pradesh, India
    • ONGC – Solar powered water system in 3 schools of Assam
    • Oil India/IIE – 3000 energy efficient cook stoves with chimney in 6 tea gardens of Assam
    • Enhancing rural access to clean energy by disseminating 1000 Solar Lights in Assam
    • Business development incubation and seed capital support in Biomass briquette company in Ranchi
  • Knowledge Partners
    • IIT Guwahati
    • IRMA
    • USAID

What is our offer to the donor?

ICCo’s expertise lies in designing a business models around the social development programs.

We believe that businesses can play a huge role in the country’s sustainable development. Businesses need to function responsibly so that resources are added back to the planet and that is the very idea of sustainability.

One of the most pervasively debilitating aspects of poverty that holds back India’s development is energy poverty. ICCo believes in enterprising community and supports in expanding rural access to clean energy. It aims to serve the rural energy market by addressing challenges relating to:

  • Developing appropriate technologies
  • Building innovative business proposition
  • Proving and adapting business models
  • Creating access to finance.

Our activities are designed to help communities overcome the vicious circle of poverty and so to flourish, market linkages and expand clean energy access in the form of energy-efficient cookstoves, briquettes, Rental business model of energy kits, solar lighting and home systems, biogas and mini-grid electrification. ICCo supports businesses range from local micro-enterprises operating in the rural, informal economy, to larger local or international businesses and project developers.

We mix grants and investment to develop and implement clean energy business from the pilot stage to a substantially broader scale.

ICCo brings to the table an array of effective solutions that starts with the assessment stage and continues till the impact is substantially visible. To counter the problems of economic and energy poverty in India, ICCo offers the following:

  • Enterprising community on clean energy solutions – Proving business development, technical and market linkages support to socially commercial business cases.
  • Energy Efficient Cooking Solutions – Capacity Building, Implementation, Behavior change with visibility collaterals on clean cooking.
  • Rural Access to Clean Energy – Supporting & Implementing CSR and government programs for accessing energy through clean sources.