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ICCo helps corporations expand their business strategy to solve real world problems, bring about long-term and sustainable change in the lives of people. We enable corporations to make a difference through areas close to their strategic goals and assist them in effectively using their resources by partnering with an agency that has proven expertise.

ICCo is experienced in developing strategies and implementing CSR activities, providing end-to-end as well as customised services according to the need, and has the bandwidth to leverage our grassroots experience through partnerships with civil society and corporate networks. We have the technical expertise to recommend social initiatives that merge a corporation’s business expertise, CSR commitment and stakeholders’ expectations.

We offer you:

CSR strategy and policy development: We help establish CSR committees and policies aligned to your philosophy and business priorities.

Program design and implementation: We assist with program formulation, selection of NGO stakeholders, staff capacity building, and need assessment.

Monitoring and evaluation: We undertake evidence-based reporting, develop tracking mechanisms, and set up monitoring information systems.

CSR portfolio management: We manage the funds of either your own foundation or a program that we could jointly develop.

CSR co-implementation: We co-develop and co-invest in inclusive innovative solutions and inclusive business models.

Emerging CSR intervention: We co-develop and co-implement programs through innovation, adaptation, and collaboration with multiple stakeholders.

Training and workshop: We create tailor-made CSR modules to strengthen the in-house capacities of CSR managers and implementing partners.