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ICCo is implementing Dairy Value Chain activities in Sipahijala district of Tripura. The value Chain interventions are implemented in seven villages under one block and directly involves around 1000 beneficiaries. ICCo is guiding and helping North East Rural Livelihood Projects’ Sipahijala district team in implementing the Value Chain under the following intervention headings:

  • Increasing Milk production by improving the breed – This is done through adoption of cross breed cows and use of Artificial Insemination (AI). The villagers usually rear local cow breed which gives only two – three litres of milk per day. Thus after regular interactions with the community they are motivated to go for cross breed cow and adopt AI as per suitability, this is helping the farmers to get around 10 liters of milk everyday.
  • Feed and Fodder Management – The farmers are trained on basic nutrient requirement for cattle to produces sufficient milk, and advised to procure feeds collectively and supply to individual farmers at lower price than the market rate. Farmers are supplied with a chart depicting the feed requirement at different life cycle for Cows and are provided with the nutrients as per the chart. At the same time farmers are advised to grow collective fodder production in village land through Community Development Plan of NERLP. The farmers are growing Napier, hybrid Napier, Maize, Cow pea etc. to support cattle’s fodder requirement.


  • Vet Care Support System – ICCo had trained local youths as paravets to support farmers in providing cattle health and hygiene products on an enterprise mode. These paravetsprovide basic health support system to the farmers with the guidance of veterinary doctor, and maintain the cattle health card. ICCo had helped NERLP to set up avet Care Center for storage of Medicines and other hygiene produces.


  • Collection center cum Milk Chilling Unit at Village Level – ICCo had provided guidance to NERLP for setting up milk collection center cum Chilling unit at strategically feasible location for collection and chilling of excess milk. Because of the collection center the evening milk production has increased.


  • Milk Processing Unit – With the increase in Milk Production, ICCo has advised NERLP to set up a milk processing unit to prepare milk byproducts like butter, cheese, curd etc.