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              Roundtable on “Ease of Doing Agribusiness in Manipur”                                                                       29th June, 2017


North East India is blessed with natural resources in abundance. The region provides considerable scope and opportunity for organic farming as most of the farming in the region is done chemical free. It is estimated that 18 million hectare of such land is available in the North-East, which can be exploited for organic production. With the sizable acreage under naturally organic/default organic cultivation, the North-East has tremendous potential to grow crops organically and emerge as a major producer of organic products.

Against this backdrop, this workshop aims at providing a platform to share the ideas & obtain feedback on Ease of Doing Agribusiness in Manipur in order to explore the best practices for the Agribusiness development among individuals and groups, which in turn leads to the State and region’s development.

 Roundtable Objectives:

  • Finding out new avenues, challenges, opportunities and the emerging trends in agribusiness in the North Eastern Region
  • To create an environment conducive to Entrepreneurship by knitting together all relevant players viz. support system institutions, governments and potential and existing entrepreneurs.
  • Promote agribusiness activities for the welfare of the State and the North Eastern Region.



In the North east, there are lot of avenues for growth in the Agri Business sector. In order to harness the opportunities, there is a need to develop entrepreneurship, agri and agri allied value chains and market linkages whereby farmers & entrepreneurs interact with multiple stakeholders in the value chain, take calculated risks and constantly innovate to evolve more efficient and profitable ways to do things.

Given the magnitude of intervention, the proposed programme has been designed which will foster and accelerate the growth of North Eastern Region’s Agri-business sector.

ICCo has established a Centre of Excellence (CoE) at Guwahati to foster entrepreneurship and innovation through its set of services such as business development, access to finance, infrastructure, mentorship etc. It will provide these entrepreneurs with a holistic service offering that accelerates their growth and increases their sustainability. In the process of doing so, the ICCO will engage all stakeholders associated with Agribusiness Eco System, thus strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem affecting the start-up and growth of innovative Agribusiness enterprises. Along with the Agri-business incubation, CoE will also provide entreneurship development support.