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Health and HIV

ICCo believes that strong community involvement is crucial to ensure the achievement of the right to health for all.

ICCo works to prevent HIV and support people living with HIV by directly working with people at high-risk of HIV infection; by involving the community, in particular, faith-based organisations; and through workplace programs. We improve the health of millions by building awareness on HIV and AIDS, offering treatment and counselling, providing rehabilitation of people living with HIV and AIDS, educating communities to change risky behaviour, and advocacy through influence groups.


Anjana Jaani lives in the Luna Mundi village in Odisha and is the mother of two children. Malaria used to be a widespread problem here and her children would fall ill very often. Medical assistance was hard to come by as well.

Not anymore. We teamed up with Gram Vikas to initiate safe water and sanitation projects in 787 villages in Odisha. Anjana’s village is one of them. The entire community in Luna Mundi village got together to contribute money and labour to constructing toilets. The new sanitation facilities have helped people like Anjana and their families improve their health and hygiene.