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King Chilli (BhutJolakia) is one of the hottest chills in the world. It has the Geographic Indication (GI) to Nagaland as the native chilli from the state. In Nagaland this is grown by almost every household. ICCo had started Value Chain activity in King Chilli at Peren district of Nagaland after doing the Value Chain Analysis study and understanding the market potential for it. The interventions in King Chilli Value Chain are as follows:

  • Improved Package of Practices – ICCo is helping the Project team to design suitable Package of Practices for king chilli based on field situation.
  • Collection cum drying unit for King Chilli – ICCo is guiding NERLPs’ District team to establish a collection center cum drying unit for collectivization and drying the chilli to maintain moisture as per market demand.
  • Market Linkage – ICCo has linked the fresh chilli, dried chilli etc. with companies based at Jorhat and Dimapurdistricts to increase the income of farmers. Again the collection center cum drying unit has helped in decreasing the wastage of produce.