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Knowing ICCo

ICCo is a development organization working to achieve the twin core principles of
-Securing Sustainable Livelihoods

-Justice and Dignity for All

ICCo has been pioneering in India for the past 11 years. We, at ICCo, believe that ‘Innovative’ strategic thinking and ‘Collaborative’ effort are the key to bring a desired change in the society. ICCo plays diverse roles as that of a Catalyst, a Lobbyist, a Networker, an Implementer and an Entrepreneurship Booster. This helps in capitalizing on synergies with various stakeholders to amplify the impact of our work.



Entrepreneurship Booster






ICCo’s Strategic Pathways:

Inclusive and Sustainable Agriculture System

Promoting Social Entrepreneurship for Rural Prosperity

Responsible Business

ICCo’s key goal is to positively impact nearly 2,00,000 poor households through our interventions in the agriculture value chain, clean energy, food and nutritional security, and social entrepreneurship in the next 3-5 years. Our 5-year plan also aims to incubate and accelerate 500 youth enterprises who would in-turn generate employments in rural areas. Towards this endeavor, we collaborate with various stakeholders and also contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.