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Partnership to Address Country’s Rural Development Challenge

ICCo signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) on September 22, 2015 with the intention of jointly addressing issues of rural development and expanding opportunities to pursue projects of mutual concern in a variety of areas.

The collaboration will lead to the establishment of a business incubator at IRMA which will allow the convening of joint programmes for pooling new and innovative ideas from the sector. As a potential partner, IRMA will also support ICCo in training beneficiaries on subjects like sustainable livelihood, improving access to markets for the poor, rural value chains, and rural entrepreneurship.

Founded in 1979, IRMA was the first to pioneer the idea of rural management—the idea that, to be effective, organizations of rural people and those serving rural people need professional inputs.

The partnership will bring together two organizations that complement each other in terms of ideas and convictions. Both the organizations believe in the concept of creating social surplus over organizational and individual surplus. While allocations to provide basic services for poverty reduction have multiplied over the years, rural communities still need to be trained to leverage and use those resources effectively.

ICCo and IRMA believe that the partnership will lead to many such collaborative endeavours in future that focus on achieving their common objective of addressing India’s developmental challenges.