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Promoting Social Entrepreneurship

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ICCo’s approach has always been to find innovative solutions to developmental concerns. It focusses on promoting social entrepreneurship as it believes this to be a unique way of responding to social problems. ICCo supports entrepreneurial outlook to develop business planning that can identify new opportunities within the paradigm of a particular social issue. It aims to develop innovations that lead to promising new approaches, demonstrates accountability by regularly measuring performance and impact. The ultimate aim is to help the enterprise achieve financial sustainability.

Our Approach

We partner with like-minded organizations including academic/research institutions, corporate, financial organizations to create an environment of entrepreneurship through a market-led model.

Farm Based Entrepreneurship

ICCo fosters self-employment and support setting-up of micro-enterprises in agriculture and allied sector. We provide agri-skills training on livestock, horticulture and related sectors. We also provide post-training implementation support like facilitation of market linkages, access to finance and government schemes to ensure that the grassroots agripreneurs achieve desired success.

Non-farm Based Entrepreneurship

ICCo over the years has joined forces with like-minded partners to foster and inspire indigenous solutions to social concerns. We provide training and capacity building for self-employment and setting up micro enterprises in the handloom, handicraft and heritage products among others.

Projects on Farm Based Entrepreneurship

Projects on Non-Farm Based Entrepreneurship