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Meet Taorem, One Of The 300 Beneficiaries Of Green Bucket Concept

Taorem is a lecturer in the higher secondary school in Imphal. She stays with her children, husband and in-laws in the Sagolband area of Imphal. Taorem was facing serious issues in disposing off her household. This left her with no options except to keep piling up the waste in her own hose. She often realized that this is impacting the cleanliness of the house. She has also been strongly advocating environment friendly issues and products and was looking for an effective solution to address the plaguing issue of waste in the house.

Taorem came to know about Truvalu investee enterprise Green Biotech EcoSolutions through her local contacts. As the enterprise deals in providing bio-inputs in the areas such as addressing issues related to waste management, agriculture, aquaculture and animal husbandry, Taorem was very keen to find out if he could find an environment friendly and economical solution to the problem she was facing. The Green Biotech team proactively reached out to her and gave a demo of their product Green Bucket which helps convert waste to bio-manure and bio-fertilizer.

Taorem is one of the 300 households using the Green Bucket in Imphal. She started using the Green Bucket and saw the changes first hand. She collects the degradable waste in the bucket on a daily basis and mixes it with Green Biotech Ecosolutions product Micro Compost. The next day after the waste settles in,she keeps repeating the same procedure till the bucket is filled and finally keeps it in a cold place for 45 days.

After the process is completed, the waste is converted into bio-manure and bio-fertilizer which Taorem uses in her kitchen garden.

Taorem also informed about the success of this concept to other households. They are also keen to start using the green bucket to avoid the current issues faced with waste management.

Green Biotech helped Taorem regularly by giving demo of the product, providing trainings and helping her as and when the need arises.