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ICCo pursues a market-oriented agricultural development strategy to increase agricultural production and improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. This approach includes a range of activities including value chain selection & validation, value chain analysis through Market for the Poor (M4P) approach, designing of value chain Interventions, implementation planning, hand-holding, processing and packaging support and linking to the market.

ICCo fosters cooperation and facilitates collaboration between and among diverse groups of stakeholders: private players, farmer producer organizations/clusters, traders & wholesalers and local government. It offers support to organizations and state governments to improve value chain performance by identifying and addressing constraints as well as opportunities faced by farmers and producers, processors, traders and other value chain actors.

ICCo intervenes in two core areas under value chain development

  •  Livestock: Piggery, dairy and poultry
  • Agri & Allied: king chilli, ginger, tamarind, lac, turmeric, potato, tomato, rice & honey



ICT innovations in value chain development

ICCo has been using innovative ICT tools and products for reaching out to small holder farmer through- AKVO- mobile based app for baselines, monitoring and evaluation; scope insight tools for assessing and building capacity of the FPOs; MKrishi and Dehat ICT platform for convergence, information collection, and dissemination and market linkages.

Working with Farmer Producer Organizations 

Farmers’ socio-economic growth is a central focus of our work. ICCo has been working with the farmers with a two-prolonged approach- direct intervention and co-implementation of various projects for larger outreach thereby benefittingthe farmers. ICCo facilitates the farmers through their Farmers’ Producer Organisations (Cooperatives, SHG federations, Farmers’ Producer Company) on access to skills and finance from relevant organisations and corporates. We also do capacity building of Farmers’ Producer Organisations at various levels and cater to their needs through multi stakeholder’s involvement for inclusive growth, while designing the interventions.Currently ICCo is covering 10 Farmers’ Producer Organisations. The idea of working closely with 10 FPOs is to create exemplary story of FPOs so that it could be replicated in any other places. Besides, ICCo has been working with the FPOs on cluster based approach so that small farmers problems could be better understood, their products can be accumulated  for better access to market, finance, and skills.

Rating and Assessment of Producer Companies

ICCo, along with Scope Insight, a Dutch agency for ratings and assessment of agribusiness developed a tool for rating and assessment of Producer Organizations (PO).The tool, which rates a producer Organization on a scale of 5.00, provides an in-depth analysis of the PO. These scores are used by the POs to improve their performance and attract formal sources of financing.

Ongoing Projects

Past Projects