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ICCo India - ICCo India Org

ICCo has been pioneering in India for the past 14 years. ICCo is a development organization which recognized the need to innovate, evolve and adopt a strategic roadmap to secure organizational & financial sustainability. ICCo’s broad spectrum of activities includes the enabling of inclusive and sustainable agriculture systems, the mobilization of small & marginal farmers by collectivizing them (into producers’ groups and other community institutions), by facilitating access to technology, markets, finance, skills and government schemes (through Value chain development approach) and thereby enhancing their household incomes. We also work with women and youth groups to support and empower them to address their challenges of equity, gender, ownership of land and other resources and control over them.

ICCo achieves its goals by designing and implementing programs directly, by evidence based advocacy for policies that are favorable to marginalized communities, and by bringing together multiple stakeholders with diverse strengths to work together on a common platform and goal. Its workplaces have vulnerable youth and women at the centre of whatever it does, the building capacities of individuals, communities and collectives, as well as the leveraging of technology and social media as important tools to achieve its objectives

ICCo’s program interventions rest on two core principles:

  • Securing sustainable livelihoods
  • Ensuring justice and dignity for all

Objectives of the organization:

  • Provide technical and knowledge assistance to various stakeholders such as governments, NGOs, and Women collectives to implement thematic intervention by locally owned solutions.
  • Provide support to stakeholders for sustainable and holistic development of the community.
  • To elevate the quality of life through capacity building of the community residing in stranded India.
  • Create a convergence platform for various stakeholders to mobilize resources effectively.

Our Vision

A just, inclusive and equitable society

Our Mission

Designing and implementing innovative ideas and solutions, strengthening CBOs for inclusive and high-impact growth in the society.


  • Agri-value Chain Development
  • Agri-Business Solutions & Impact Investments
  • Program Designing, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Community Engagement and Mobilization
  • Institution building
  • Multistakeholder approach
  • Gender Inclusivity
  • Child Protection
  • Sustainable Livelihood Enhancement and Skill Building

Our Expertise

Agri-value Chain

Program Designing, Monitoring & Evaluation

Agri-Business Solutions & Impact Investments


Public-Private Partnership

Inclusive Finance