Clean Energy

Clean Energy

ICCo is dedicated to preserving the ecosystem through the promotion of sustainable practices such as the use of solar pumps, cook stoves, and chemical-free farming.

In the realm of Inclusive and Sustainable Agriculture Systems, our focus for the next five years is on collaboration with organizations dedicated to clean energy. Recognizing the global discussions on carbon emissions and climate change, we aim to contextualize these issues within rural communities. We eagerly anticipate partnerships with organizations leading initiatives that champion environmentally friendly practices and advocate for clean energy solutions.

Our agenda includes:

  1.  Providing environmentally friendly solutions.
  2.  Contributing to the eradication of coal dependence.


Committed to the idea of ensuring Affordable and Clean Energy in line with SDG7, we strive to play a significant role in fostering sustainable and clean energy practices.

Clean Energy - Approach

ICCo brings to the table an array of effective solutions that starts with the assessment stage and continues till the impact is substantially visible. To counter the problems of economic and energy poverty in India, ICCo offers the following:


Enterprising community on clean energy solutions

Proving business development, technical and market linkages support to socially commercial business cases

Energy efficient cooking solutions

Capacity building, implementation, behavior change with visibility collaterals on clean cooking

Development through Access to Clean Energy

Supporting & implementing CSR and government programs for accessing energy through clean sources