Response To Covid 19

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, the outbreak and rapid spread of the novel virus has even plunged India into a crisis never faced before. The seriousness of the COVID-19 epidemic surged in mid-March 2020 followed by a day-long public curfew to contain the spread. Subsequently, an indispensable nation-wide lockdown with an emphasis on social distancing was enforced bringing life to a standstill. As the country went into lockdown abruptly, it has hampered the social and economic lives of all the citizens. With 21.9% (2011) of the Indian population living below the poverty line, the last mile communities are the worst-hit.

Realizing the magnitude of the problem, ICCo has responded in significant ways to mitigate the adversaries of the unforeseen changes and provide support for the rural communities. ICCo’s calling to fight the battle against COVID-19 is Restoring livelihoods for rebuilding lives. Our focus has been on immigrant workers, small-scale farmers, social entrepreneurs, and SMEs in the North East region and Delhi NCR, to uplift them and ease their ways through these ground-shaking times. From providing immediate relief measures to the migrant workers and their families to linking them to the specific COVID-19 measures announced by the state government, ICCo aims to demonstrate utmost grit and determination in the fight against the pandemic.