Sustainable Livelihood

Sustainable Livelihood Creation

ICCo’s agenda is to create rural empowerment. We do this via creating sustainable livelihoods which include-

  • Inclusive and Sustainable Agriculture Systems
  • Promoting Social Entrepreneurship for Rural Prosperity
  • Value Chain Development

ICCo been delivering sustainable livelihoods via value chain development through both forward and backward market linkages.

ICCo closely engages with the partnership with the communities ensures that every intervention is designed and executed in a collaborative mode. We provide them with tools and skills to advance their crafts and traditional knowledge and prosper in their own ecosystem. Our work includes:

  • Organise and strengthen community based organisations especially the producer groups (PG)
  • Develop model integrated farming by progressive farmers at each producer group cluster
  • Develop farm entrepreneurs to provide technical support, farm inputs including bio-fertilisers and linkage support for a nominal fee (entrepreneurship model)
  • Build backward and forward linkages for improved value chains functioning including improved marketing
  • Linkages will be strengthened with relevant government programmes and financial institutions for financial support and insurance to promote integrated natural farming