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It’s Never Too Late: An Inspirational Journey of Purabi Pator

A 35-year active weaver from the Baghara cluster, named Ms. Purabi Pator was fully dependent on her parental family after her husband’s demise along with her 8-year-old daughter. She was totally devastated and mentally broken following the death of her husband as her inlaws were intolerant of her presence in the house. ICCo’s intervention instilled some hope into her life after she was trained in weaving following which she started earning. When her parents rescued her, she started her new life by engaging herself in this project being implemented by ICCo. She was diligent and attended all the awareness sessions organized by ICCo. She rediscovered herself and her strength and showed her interest in several training programs and most importantly she was involved in the production of “Naturally dyed Eri stoles” along with other weavers. ICCo has observed that during the Naturally dyed Training program Purabi’s expertise lay in the Design part as she is able to produce costly marketable products. Purabi’s journey has been so inspiring to the youths in their locality that the new generation is showing their interest to learn to weave. Currently, she earns nearly Rs. 4000/ per month.