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Breaking Barriers: Shagufta Dewan’s Journey from Skepticism to STEM Success

At the tender age of 14, Shagufta Dewan already envisions a remarkable future for herself as an engineer. Presently in the 9th grade, Shagufta radiates a determination to conquer her aspirations and attain the pinnacle of success in her life’s journey.
Shagufta firmly believes that science is the gateway to unparalleled heights. She regards science not merely as an academic subject, but as a profound life force that offers solutions to the challenges encountered in our daily existence. With its array of analytical tools, science unravels intricate dilemmas, revealing solutions that navigate even the most complex situations. To Shagufta, science is akin to magic – an enchanting realm of discovery and wonder.

Embracing the belief that her fascination with science is shared by countless other young girls, Shagufta envisions a future where the enchantment of science is universally experienced.

Yet, Shagufta has not been immune to the skepticism she encounters. Naysayers argue that science is a domain reserved for boys, attempting to undermine her aspirations. Nonetheless, Shagufta’s conviction is unshaken; her affinity for science runs deep, propelling her towards the field of engineering. While her understanding of engineering might be in its infancy, she holds a crystal-clear understanding that engineering is a vocation where the magic of science is harnessed to craft innovative solutions.

Shagufta’s journey received an unexpected boost when she stumbled upon the EY STEM app. This innovative platform became her guiding light, illuminating the fundamental principles of science in a comprehensible manner.

With the EY STEM app’s support, Shagufta’s faith in the transformative potential of science was solidified. The once-daunting concepts now felt approachable, empowering her to grasp the intricacies of science with ease.

Her enthusiasm knows no bounds, for Shagufta envisions a world shaped by the forces of science. She envisions its impact rippling through the realms of medicine, technology, transportation, communication, and beyond.

As she stands at this crossroads, Shagufta is grateful for the support of the EY STEM app, which has eased her journey into the intricate world of science. With the app as her ally, she can confidently navigate through complex ideas, steadily progressing towards her dream of becoming an engineer.

Shagufta Dewan’s story is an inspiration, a testament to the power of unyielding determination, and a reminder that dreams, when pursued with passion, can indeed shape reality.