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Story of Tuleshwari Deka

Tuleshwari Deka is a 52-year-old Cluster Development Executive (CDE) of SFURTI. She lives in Noakora village but works in the 4 villages under our cluster. Even at 52 years of age, she travels 10 km daily to ensure the execution. She is associated with ICCo since inception and has been significant in institution building.  

She was involved in mobilization and baseline survey, since the cooperative has been registered, she has led the awareness camps on how to assimilate, join together, she conveyed the weavers the benefit to join hands and the benefits of forming a collective cluster. She represented ICCo on the ground.

She is a kind of community mobilizer, and institution developer and has leadership quality. She is a quick learner and underwent various capacity-building programs of financial literacy. Previously, she had worked in SHGs in social issues on field level and closely contributed to projects on women empowerment. Her experience of managing communities and convincing them helped our programs. She actively works with the weavers, coordinates with the team and even looks after the well-being of the weavers both on professional and personal level.

Her husband is very supportive. She has traveled a long journey from defying social norms to marketing the products of the weavers. The community looks upto her and her dedication to bring upon change.