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ICCo India provides services on monitoring and evaluation through innovative mobile-based technologies such as Akvo. This service has been specially designed to build capacities of development professionals involved in government programmes, NGOs, and CSR initiatives, as well as professionals engaged in research and consulting activities. It can also be used by funders–governments, private companies, aid organisations and financiers–to make results-based investments.

The training program focusses on research tool designing, implementation, and collection of data for baseline and end line study and impact assessment. The training includes: use of innovative mobile-based technologies; providing the participants with mobile application tools and organising practical demonstrations on the use and application of the tools to their work; understanding of fundamental monitoring; and evaluation frameworks.

Some of the innovative features of the Akvo FLOW mobile-based technology are as follows:

  • It is a multi-language tool for collecting, evaluating, and displaying any quantity of geographically referenced data using Android smartphones and an online dashboard. It lets you map situations on the ground and monitor changes over time.
  • It is specially designed to work in diverse locations that are often remote or lack reliable basic infrastructure.
  • It is an affordable, reliable, and highly scalable service that changes how initiatives and interventions are made. It dramatically improves the accuracy of data and makes it easier to gather and share by using the best available tool for this purpose–the smartphone.
  • This helps programme teams understand whether a project is working and is useful in monitoring its progress over time.
  • The application is highly user-friendly.

ICCo has been able to conduct successful trainings in different parts of the nation, including Assam, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, the Ladakh region, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Rajasthan. Some prominent organizations from across the country that have participated in the training programmes are: RGVN, HACI, Gram Vikas, Udyogni, Sahjeevan, Ledeg, and Intersnack.

To know more, please contact: Azhad Ali

Program Coordinator